WEDDING NOTES™ – Gift Registry Ideas

ImageAs brides and grooms confer on what and where to register for wedding gifts, here are some items to be included on the registry that are frequently overlooked but are really necessary for a new home start-up.
  • Cleaning supplies – Don’t be afraid to put a nice vacuum on your gift list.  This is the time to find a model that is easy to use and is durable.  If you have a home with stairs – either a split level or multi story model, consider the value of a vacuum on each floor.  If you already have a terrific model, add a hand held/portable vac for your kitchen area.  There is nothing better for picking up crumbs and the inevitable dry spills.
  • Iron – while you may still take shirts and professional clothing to a cleaner, there is always a place for a good steam iron in every household.  Put a good ironing board on the list at the same time.
  • China – always register for more china pieces than you think you’ll need or want.  IF you think the perfect size dinner party is 6, order enough for 8.  Likewise, if 8 is your ideal size, order 10 place settings.  Pieces break over time.
  • Kitchen – select and place on your list a set of really good kitchen knives.  One good set will last for years and make slicing and dicing a pleasure.
  • Entertainment items – Unless you have every electronic device you think you need, take another look at your camera.  Not every photograph needs to be taken by your phone.  What about a DVD or portable TV?
  • Gift Cards – more and more vendors are making room for those on gift registries.  These are a nice way to fill in  items you need or want that you did not think of when completing your registry.
You may wish to include some “off Registry” items for your guests’ consideration .Use your wedding website to let guests know that you’d like donations made in your name to your favorite charity.  This lovely way to celebrate your new life together spreads the joy and makes many people happy.

For other ideas on formatting your gift registries, stop in a talk with one of our certified wedding consultants.


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