Why sell your Gold

Trade in your old, broken, or unwanted jewelry
for cash or store credit.
Apply your trade toward store credit and

We will Match up to 50%!

At Skatells Jewelers, we think you should get more for your unwanted gold. That is why we now offer up to 70%.

You always get a professional valuation for your gold at Skatell’s Jewelers that is very accurate, fair, and based on current prices. Unlike other businesses where you can sell your gold, we take our time with your unwanted jewelry to complete the necessary testing, measuring, weighing and research to ensure you know exactly what you are selling and what it is worth.

We exercise honest and open discretion. If you bring us a coin or rare item that is worth more than the gold it contains, we promise to inform you so you don’t make the mistake of taking less than it is worth. If we ascertain that the stones are valuable enough to justify the expense of removing and keeping them, we will always inform you. If gold value has increased overnight, we will give you today’s higher value so you get the most for your gold. In all situations, we concentrate our 45 years of expertise and rely on a full team of specialists to support every purchase we make. You can have complete confidence that Skatells Jewelers will tell you exactly what you have, and exactly what you are getting for it.

Typically, we complete our assessment of your unwanted gold and offer you 50% of its value the day it is assessed. Now, we have increased the amount we pay! We still offer 50% of gold valued up to $500. However, if the gold is valued between $501 and $1000, we offer you 60%. Even better, we will offer you 70% of your gold value if it is worth over $1000. Furthermore, we will offer that as cash in hand, or even give you store credit toward a new piece of jewelry, jewelry repair, restoration, custom creation, or any of the professional services our goldsmiths and jewelers offer. We will match or beat ANY competitor’s price!

This is NOT a limited time offer. You can take your time unearthing your unwanted gold and bringing it to us for our expert valuation. We have become busy as the most reliable gold buyer in the area, so be prepared to leave your jewelry with us while we complete the detailed task of assessing your items.

For detailed information on who you should trust to buy your gold, how value is determined, and more, visit us at http://www.skatellsjewelers.com/Support/CompanyInformation.aspx?CD=1

Q & A

Who can I trust when selling my unwanted gold?

Gold buyer advertising is everywhere, but not all gold buyers are the same. Making sure that the gold buyer has a physical address (and not only a P.O. box) is the first step in determining who you wish to sell your gold to. Always verify the physical address through some other way other than their website (i.e. Superpages or the phone book). You do not want to send your gold off to someone without a verifiable physical address, as they may be difficult to get in touch with if problems should arise. Selling your gold in person to a jeweler you know and trust helps eliminate much of the potential worry that can arise when dealing with an internet business and people whom you do not know.

How is payment of my gold items determined?

There are 3 variables that will affect the amount of money you will get for your gold:

  • Gold purity (karat)
  • Weight (grams)
  • Daily spot gold price on stock market.

The first two, purity and weight, will never change once your gold jewelry or items are measured and assessed. But the daily gold spot price will. As gold is sold daily on stock markets around the world, the price of gold will vary every day.

Every gold buyer will calculate the maximum value they can get for the gold based on grams and gold purity. Based on that maximum value they will discount what the gold is worth so they can take some profit, just like any business.

I paid $500 for my ring. Should I expect to get $500 back when I sell my ring?

Any gold buyer will pay for the “melt value” of your jewelry – that is, the value of the gold itself once it has been melted down and sent to the refinery. Craftsmanship is not a consideration when assessing value of your gold.

My jeweler appraised my jewelry for $500. Should I expect to receive $500 from a gold buyer?

Jewelry appraisers will appraise your jewelry based on “retail replacement value” – in other words, what will it cost to replace your jewelry if it is lost or stolen. Therefore, these appraisals do not consider the value of the gold itself and have nothing to do with payment you should expect when selling your gold.

There is a stamp on my ring indicating “18K.” Is this reliable?

Unfortunately, stamps in jewelry are not always reliable. Although most countries require manufacturers to stamp the gold content of their jewelry, very few countries (including the US) enforce these laws or require an independent third party to evaluate the item. While the stamp on your jewelry is most likely correct, it does happen that jewelry is fraudulently stamped.

What testing methods are used to determine purity of gold?

Upon receiving your gold, a gold buyer will first look for a stamp on the jewelry made by the manufacturer indicating the karat. Three testing methods may be used to verify the gold purity of your items (acid/scratch test, electronic tester, and X-ray fluorescence scan).

Some of my old gold jewelry has diamonds, or semi-precious stones, in the settings. What happens to those when I sell my gold?

If you sell your gold to a jeweler with goldsmiths in house, diamonds and other stones can be removed and returned to you. There may be a charge to you for this service. Alternately, if the stones are tiny, scratched, or chipped, they may not be worth removing. You should have this discussion with the jeweler if you are concerned about maintaining your stones.

Why should I sell my gold to Skatell’s Jewelers with all of my options?

You have several options as to where to sell your gold. For example you can send it off in the mail to an internet refiner and see what you get back. Possibly you could go to a pawn shop. However, perhaps your best option is to sell your gold to Skatell’s Jewelers, a trusted, local jewelry store in Spartanburg, SC.

If you sell your gold to us you will have a pleasant experience, and receive an excellent value. You will be dealing directly with a dedicated and caring associate who will answer any questions and explain the evaluation process and issue you a check before you leave.

Where do you start?

We will be happy to evaluate your gold in any of our three locations.  Stop in anytime with your photo ID, (appointments are requested for large collections).   Our friendly staff will evaluate your gold with you.  We will make you an offer.  We will match 50% of the offer if you chose to apply it toward store credit or make a purchase at that time.

What types of metal or diamonds do you buy?

We take almost any type of gold. Some of the most common items our guests turn in to cash or upgrade towards new jewelry are:

– gold necklaces – gold earrings – bent or broken jewelry – cuff links
– dental gold – large diamonds – estate and bridal – gold watches
– gold coins – estate and bridal – gold rings – tangled or broken chains

Large diamonds, precious gemstones, and estate jewelry in remarkable condition may hold additional value. We will inform you during the evaluation if your jewelry is eligible for a value greater than scrap pricing.

We do not buy items that are gold filled, or gold plated.

How do you determine the Karat and Weight of my Gold?

While many items are stamped with the Karat measure, we have different forms of testing equipment that can accurately determine Karat. We are happy to show and explain the valuation process to your and weigh you items in full view.

How long does it take to evaluate the gold?

Most gold evaluations are finished up in about 30 minutes. If you have a large quantity or unusual items this process can take longer and we encourage you to make an appointment. In most cases you will be issued a check on the spot.

What documentation and ID will you need from me?

It is important to us that we are working with the true owner of the jewelry sold to us. Please have a state or federally issued photo ID. You will be presented with a cash offer form to sign before being issued payment.

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Come in for a Free Evaluation…

Trade in your old, broken, or unwanted jewelry

for cash or store credit. 

Apply your trade toward store credit and

we will match  

up to 50%.

We are Located at 217 East Blackstock Road Spartanburg


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