WEDDING NOTES™ – Under it All!

ImageAll brides look for a wedding gown that has the look and features that they want.  Whether simple or ornate, there truly is a gown “out there” for every bride.  The guidance of an experienced consultant who knows each designer’s specialty can put her in the perfect dress.  The hands of a skilled alterations expert can make the gown of choice fit beautifully.   But even those professionals can’t change body shapes.  We all sometimes need help with that.

Some designers construct a wedding gown with built in corsets.  That can come as a surprise to a bride from a generation that thought corsets disappeared with the end of the Civil War, but the designer who added the proper “infrastructure” to the gown, knew what he/she was doing.

If your gown of choice does not have a built in minimizer or enhancer, rely on the skill and advice of a trained consultant who can help you find the proper undergarments to make the most of you and the gown.

The proper bra and slip and other “control” items like Spanx can help you feel and look your very best on this important day.

Be sure that the undergarments you choose are neutral or skin toned.  You don’t need a surprise color peeping out or showing through.  Be sure that you try all of the undergarments on under your gown and have a friend take photographs from the front, back and side so you know all is secure.

Far from being uncomfortable, many of today’s undergarments are designed for both comfort and camouflage.


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