Marriage on your mind? 50 Best Proposals

Marriage on your mind? She’ll be telling the story of how you proposed to friends and strangers for the rest of her life, so put your own spin on one of these ideas to make sure it’s memorable. Image

Best Public Marriage Proposal Ideas

1. Have a flair for the dramatic? Get in touch with the stage manager of an appropriately themed production and propose after the cast’s curtain call.

2. Take out a full-page ad in a newspaper you know your girlfriend reads daily.

3. Arrange a surprise proposal with a street caricaturist. Have him sketch a picture of you two with word bubbles. Yours will read, “Will you marry me?” and hers will say, “Yes!”

4. Pay the divers at an aquarium to put on a proposal show inside their biggest fish tank. Give them a handwritten sign that says, “Will you marry me?” to hold up against the glass.

5. Send your girlfriend on a treasure hunt. Start with a clue at home; then send her on a tour of your favorite spots all over town. When she gets to the last hint, the prize should be you on one knee.

6. Go out for a night of dancing and ask the DJ or bandleader to pass you the mic so you can dedicate a song and propose on the dance floor.

7. Hire a skywriter to spell out your proposal for everyone around to see.

8. Flying anytime soon? Use the plane’s loudspeaker system (of course, run your plan by the flight attendants first) and propose at 35,000 feet.

9. Movie buffs? Ask your neighborhood theater to run an ad featuring your proposal and make sure you get there in time for the previews.

10. Gather a bunch of your friends and family for a party. Have everyone in attendance put on a T-shirt bearing one of the letters in the phrase “Will you marry me?” When you walk into the room with your girlfriend, suggest a group picture and let the shirts speak for themselves.

Best At-Home Marriage Proposal Ideas

11. For a simple surprise, after she goes to bed, go to her jewelry box and replace her everyday ring with the engagement ring. She’ll be completely shocked in the morning when she goes to put on her regular ring.

12. Write her a love note with the proposal at the end of it. Tuck it into her favorite book or the one she happens to be reading at the moment, and when she finds the note, surprise her with the ring.

13. Turn off all the lights in your apartment and make a trail of candles that leads to a circle of votives positioned around the ring.

14. Slip the ring on her finger while she’s sleeping and wake her with champagne and strawberries. At first, the gesture will simply seem romantic — the real surprise comes when she notices her new piece of jewelry.

15. Tie a red-velvet ribbon from one spot in your home to another. Attach little notes recalling perfect moments in your relationship along the way. You wait at the last stop, ring in hand.

Best Tech Marriage Proposal Ideas

16. Create your own podcast proposal and sneak it onto her iPod.

17. Upload a video of your proposal to YouTube (tell her you have a hysterical home movie to show her).

18. Steal her digital camera and head to her favorite local outdoor spot. Bring a friend with you and have posters made with the words “will,” “you,” “marry” and “me?” Have your friend photograph you holding each one in a different position. Then, let her know you borrowed her camera and ask her to upload the photos.

19. Take the scavenger hunt high-tech: Send your mate a text message leading her to a secret spot. Keep her engaged by text messaging her sweet nothings along the way (and directions, of course) as you lead her to you, on bended knee.

20. Create a web page declaring your love and intentions. Leave your sweetie a clue with the web address written on it — don’t say a word. After the proposal has been officially accepted (which, of course, it will be!), she can proudly send the page to friends and family.

21. Set up a live-stream channel (on and invite all your friends and family to watch the proposal live from wherever you choose to propose!

Best Foodie Marriage Proposal Ideas

22. Make the box holding her ring a selection on the dessert tray at your favorite restaurant.

23. Put together a gift basket of yummy delicacies — the best chocolate or coffee — and hide the ring among the presents (in its box, so it doesn’t get lost in the goodies).

24. Ask the pastry chef to write, “Will you marry me?” in chocolate sauce around the rim of her dessert plate.

25. Ask a baker to make a cake with the proposal written in frosting. Have him display it in the storefront and suggest a little window-shopping to your girlfriend.

26. Create a personalized fortune cookie with your own proposal message.

Most Playful Marriage Proposal Ideas

27. Create your own crossword puzzle and be prepared to help her work it out over breakfast.

28. Spell your proposal out in glow-in-the-dark star stickers on your ceiling. Get into bed, turn the lights off and wait for the inevitable gasp.

29. Spell out your proposal with refrigerator magnets.

30. Sneak into her office or classroom before she gets there and write your proposal on her desk or on the blackboard. Stay hiding in the coat closet or right outside the room until she arrives.

31. Get a ring size chart and ask your girlfriend to look up her size. When she accuses you of ruining the surprise that you’re shopping for a ring, say, “Okay, try this one instead,” and show her that you’ve already shopped for a ring.

32. Play hangman and have the phrase be “Marry me.”

Best Fall and Winter Marriage Proposal Ideas

33. During your annual Halloween prep, challenge her to a pumpkin-carving contest and carve the words “Marry me” into your pumpkin.

34. Write, “Will you marry me?” on the underside of a kite and take flight one warm, breezy afternoon.

35. Have a friend or family member set up a picnic — complete with wine and cheese, of course — for you in a park. Take your girlfriend for a hike on a route where you’ll stumble upon this surprise proposal picnic.

36. Scratch your proposal into the frost on her car’s windshield.

Best Spring and Summer Marriage Proposal Ideas

37. Propose in a flower or botanic garden when everything is in bloom.

38. Gather your families together for a barbecue and make it a family affair.

39. Go to the beach and casually build a sand castle (at a safe distance from the ocean!), and place the ring on the highest turret. Then invite her to admire your handiwork.

40. Make your own message in a bottle. On the night before a beach day you’ve planned, write a love poem on a piece of parchment paper, roll it into an antique bottle with a cork and bury it in a well-marked spot in the sand near your towels. Be sure you “find” the bottle as you dig together — and have the ring at the ready.

Most Thoughtful Marriage Proposal Ideas

41. If you’re artistically inclined or just like to make things with your own two hands, integrate something you’ve made into the proposal. For example, if you have woodworking skills, present the ring in a special hand-carved jewelry box.

42. Buy a pet that she’s always wanted (bunny, kitten, puppy) and loosely tie the ring around its neck. Or substitute a stuffed animal — still cute, but less maintenance!

43. Tell your girlfriend you want to make a time capsule together to bury and dig up years into the future. As you’re gathering the items, say it wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the moment you two got engaged! Have a camera ready to take that shot right after you present her with the ring.

44. Rent a Vespa scooter and invite your girlfriend for a ride, but remind her to be safe and wear a helmet. Hand her the helmet (with the ring box already in it), and then you can zip around town to celebrate!

45. Meet for a drink at a posh hotel bar. When it’s time to go, casually mention that you’ve already reserved a room for the night. When you open the hotel room door, have roses, candles and champagne all set up — everything for a perfect surprise proposal.

Cheesy (but Hilarious) Proposal Ideas

46. Make a list of 10 reasons you’d like to marry your beloved. Read them to her in front of a crowd, have them delivered via singing telegram or send them written on individual note cards over the course of a day (or 10!), with the last card arriving by personal messenger (you!).

47. Want to really surprise your girlfriend? Cut out the bottom of a huge refrigerator box, wrap it with pretty paper and ribbon, and attach a card that says, “What’s inside the box is a gift to last a lifetime.” “Deliver” yourself to her office or front door.

48. Make her ring the surprise in a box of Cracker Jack.

49. Make her feel like a movie star and set your proposal to the scene of her favorite romantic movie. You could arrange your own Pretty Woman moment (the finale, of course): Rent a white limo and climb through the moonroof with flowers in hand to proclaim your love as you arrive at her place.

50. Another funny movie proposal? Steal from that famous Say Anything scene: Park yourself outside her house with a stereo blaring your favorite tune and propose on the front lawn.


70 thoughts on “Marriage on your mind? 50 Best Proposals

  1. My dad proposed to my mom by giving her a taco bell hot sauce packet that said, “Will you marry me”. My dad is REALLY cheesy. 🙂

  2. Together with he / she may perhaps end up being essential
    so that you can show his value definitely not simply just via his musical prowess though additionally by training.

  3. my dad proposed to my mom by inviting her over for a fancy dinner. While they were eating, he gave her a rose, and when she went to smell it.. surprise! a ring was tucked inside the petals and my dad was on his knee

  4. Your parents must have gotten married recently as the words on taco bell sauce packets have happened in the past few years. I always thought that was a good idea though

  5. My dad proposed to my mom one night after they got home to his apartment. She lay down because she was tired on his couch and he yanked the pillow out from under her head and her head hit what she thought was a remote. When she looked it was a ring.

  6. I really, really love pumpkins and fall. My husband proposed to me in a pumpkin patch. He bought a fake pumpkin and carved “will you marry me?” into it and had the staff at the pumpkin patch hide it in a specific location of the field for me to find. When I turned around after I “found” it he was on one knee.

  7. My husband Proposed to me by Taking me out to Pizza Hut. He had a table reserved for us when we got there. He had the waitress put the rings gift box in our pizza box when it was brought to us. I opened the gift box inside was a not that read will you marry me? I quickly said yes before I realized that the ring was in a bag too. I kinda thought the whole thing was a joke until I realized how real it was, then I cried.

    • Careful with that one. I know a guy who planned a proposal in a hot air balloon, but the basket was so tiny (especially with three people in it) that he couldn’t kneel down properly. She found it cute and said yes though. 🙂

  8. My fiance knew how much I wanted to go to the new Be Our Guest restaurant at Disney World, so he surprised me with a trip there for Christmas, and proposed after we finished eating so that all of my childhood dreams could come true!

  9. I didn’t know it but my husband had made a calendar of everything that had happened since the day we met and as we sat on our favorite beach he showed it to me with the words “will you marry me?” written on that day. Of course I said yes!

  10. My daughter surprised her boyfriend Christmas Eve with a bottle of wine they bought together to be opened when they eventually moved in together. On it she tied a post card with a picture of her holding the bottle of wine in front of a real estate sign, she also tied the key to the house that she bought for them the postcard had the address and the welcome to our new home written on it. That wasn’t the end of the night. Her boyfriend got up and left the room shortly after the surprise and she thought he was angry that she purchased the house without him. He returned with his bottle gift bag and in it was a box, as my daughter opened the box she realized it was a bottle of champagne with a huge pink satin bow (her favorite color) tied to the neck of the bottle. When she pushed the bow aside to see what kind of champagne it was he had designed a label with personal information on it and the words will you marry me where the name of the champagne should have been, when she was reading it he slide on one knee in front of her with the ring stretched out. The room was filled with all of her family and close friends. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The hardest part of this whole night was that we all knew what they were both up to and had to keep their secrets. A year later they were married on her grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, her grandparents had no idea we surprised them the night before. TOP THAT!

  11. My dog is the “love of my life.” That’s how I introduced the dog to my husband when he and I were dating. When he proposed, he included the dog in the proposal.. All I remember is seeing him on one knee, ring in hand, and “the love of my life” licking him to death in between the words “will you marry me” which were coming out of my husband’s mouths. He said, “let me be the love of your life… too! Will you marry me?” Loved it!

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  14. I have a foodie idea –

    I order in quite a lot and most of the time, it’s pizza. 🙂 it would be great if my boyfriend called the pizza guys and asked them to spell out “will you marry me?” On the pizza with pineapples! 🙂

  15. My fiancé and I both work at Taco Bell. One day after about 6 months of dating we were reading the new sauce packets and there was one saying ‘will you marry me’. I thought it was cute and funny so I gave it to my boyfriend. He told me that he was going to give it back to me one day and I just laughed. Let alone did I know he kept it and on our 1 yr anniversary we went out to eat at a buffet place of my choice. When I came back to my table with my food, he was on his knee with my ring in between the petals of a red rose. When he opened the ring box while proposing there was the sauce packet I gave him.

    • Rachel,
      That is a beautiful and romantic story, that he kept that packet until the time was right to propose! I know this is a moment that you will never forget and one that melted your heart because he remembered. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story with us!

  16. My brother did a sort of treasure hunt type of thing. My sister in-law went to 9 of there favorite places where my brother had bouquets of 12 roses each. The number of roses added up to 108 which means “will you marry me.” On each rose, there was a note that gave a reason why he loved her. She now is the mother of my nephew and they are expecting their second kid so it worked!:D

  17. Of course, if you’re at the Melting Pot for one of their delicious entr. When the Spuds are ready take them from the pan and drain them well, I usually dab them with kitchen paper at this point, but maybe I’m just fussy.
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  18. My husband worked for 28 years with a major airline and his proposal to me was “marry me and fly for free.” I did, after turning him down 13 times, and we were happily married for 28 years and flew for free all over the world. Sadly, he passed away in 2011.

  19. My fiancé proposed in such an original way! I love to tell it to anyone who wants to know! We went to go karting at a karting place with his friends (I love karting!!!) And then when we were racing he secretly went off the track and went to a track on the second floor (it is a huge place) and then we had to stop racing and the crew made sure that I was the one who was in front of all the others and they told me that were going to race at the upper level, the other track so I was all excited! I followed in my go cart! I couldnt see where my bf was because we all wore helmets and special racing clothes.. meanwhile my bf had jumped in a suit and my brother had hung flags and a glitter curtain at the start of the track. So I raced.around the corner in the go kart and I suddenly saw those flags! It was a BIG shock and suddenly my whole family appeared and my bf came to me and kneeled down!

  20. My husband proposed to me one random morning when we woke up early. He didn’t plan it but realized he wanted to wake up next to me every morning.

  21. I have one! So he would take her to a board walk or a place that he knows there is a photo booth. He would take her in an take a regular photo at first then a photo with the ring and let her reaction be captured by the camera!

  22. My husband proposed on Christmas morning. We opened all our gifts and then he said there was one more. In the tree there was a string. I followed it all around the tree and at the end of the string a ring was tied!

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  24. When I was taking senior pictures, I wrote 1 Corinthians 13:4 (love is patient, love is kind) on the wall because it is my favorite bible verse. I took pictures with it with my (at the time) boyfriend. He remembered where it was, and one day went back to the spot to write back over it. When we were downtown eating one night, we walked after we ate. We then came to the spot where I had written the verse. He asked if I remembered where we were, and of course I did. My best friend and her boyfriend was with us, and she told us to stand beside the verse to take a picture. As she went to take the picture, he got on one knee and proposed! I said yes of course! 🙂

  25. My parents raced sailboats together when they were dating. He proposed by getting a sail made with the words marry me on it. So when she raised the main sail out on the water the words were bigger than anything. She said yes obviously and they continued to use that sail in races and crossed the finish line first with it many times. I love looking at the pictures of it.

    My future husband has a lot to live up to in order to beat that.

  26. This is a little extreme… but I saw it somewhere online and thought it was really cute. Plan a romantic rooftop dinner. When it is over, say you are getting something. During the dinner, have professionals set up a large bungee jumping trampoline below. You need to have the equipment on under your clothes. Discreetly attach your self to the cord and jump. She will be shocked and run to the edge. Have the words “Marry Me? Jump then!” On the trampoline. Have someone suit her up. When she lands, be on your knee.

  27. I thought of this idea a while ago, and I never knew if it had happened. Maybe someone could try it. On Christmas morning have your girlfriend open ‘all’ her gifts and when she thinks there are no more, hand her the small box and tell her to open it. When she opens the box there will be a ring and a little message inside say ‘Will you marry me?” then she’ll say yes.

  28. My dad just said “You better put this on, or else it’ll be stolen”.
    No, will you marry me.
    All though, he has tried many attempts through out the years to propose.
    This was been about 20+ years now he’s been doing this.
    Oh yeah, there getting married next summer now.

  29. My friends boyfriend proposed to her by getting all her friends and family in Dallas and put together a flash mob to Why Wait by the rascal flats, and then he has a group of her church family lead her up to a balcony over looking all her friends/family and proposed!

  30. I usually know surprises as there happening. My husband now he proposed he’s a police officer, so one day my friend Danielle took me out to eat at a little diner when I got there we ate and when we finished and I paid the check we were leaving and the waitress who served us told us to stay where we were she called her manager and it started a fight about me not paying the bill, my friend Danielle even said I didn’t I was so mad and trying to plead my case so they said they would call the cops and we had to stay put I was so mad at her, a few minutes later the police arrived they took me in handcuffs outside and there was my husband on one knee in his uniform, I cried so much but I was happy. That was crazy turns out everyone was in on it

  31. Propose in a photo booth. The photo booth will catch her reaction. Then have family and friends pop out and waiting outside the booth when you two come out.

  32. My friend had the most adorable proposal from her boyfriend. He asked her if she’d ever thought about how she wanted to be proposed to, and she told him as long as he took the effort to propose and spend the rest of their lives together, he could do it on cinderblocks for all she cared.

    So he came to visit her at school and they went for a walk together, where he took her to the highway median with two cinderblocks, sat her down, and proposed. She thought it was so weird to be sitting on cinderblocks in the middle of a major street until he got on one knee. Now she thinks it was the most adorable proposal ever.

  33. My fiance proposed on our 10 year anniversary (dating) with a photo book he had made with pictures of us from the last 10 years (from awkward teenagers up until my birthday party the week before!). The last page had no picture, but the words “Our 10 Year Anniversary (when we got engaged)”. When I looked up from reading that last page, he was down on one knee with the ring. Oh, also, we were on a candle lit balcony at a winery. It was private and it was perfect.

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  36. so I am not married nor am I engaged yet but I am in a over two year relationship and the other night he asked how do I dream of my proposal, and I said..
    I dream of being downtown (we live in Denver) and randomly we start to see members of each of our family (but not to make it to obvious the people that go down there the least would be the last to be seen) but anyway we get to the heart of downtown(winter time at night around Christmas would be great) where you can see all of its beauty and there it happens. our family all come together and there he does it. it seems

  37. If you are a nerdy-ish couple, go to a book store and when you take her in, recommend a book on marriage! I would totally marry you if you did that!

  38. My now husband was really thoughtful. We were in the process if moving and one night when we went to run some things to our new house he sent me put to the car to “grab something he forgot”. When I came back in to tell him nothing was out there I saw red roses in a vase and him down on one knee.. He proposed in our first home together an was just the two of us! Funny thing was all of my family knew that was his plan and had kept me from running over there all day while he cleaned and got things ready for that evening..really romantic and special..

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