Jewelry Gifts For Women


There are few women who would never turn away a piece of fine jewelery as a gift. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when buying jewelry for a woman you love.

Consider her lifestyle. If she’s active and athletic, consider getting her jewelry that is not only durable, but easy to wear. Simple, but beautiful stud earring with a single gemstone allow her to feel beautiful every day.
Consider her personal style. Chances are, she already prefers either gold or silver toned metals. Choose a necklace, earrings or bracelet that compliments the pieces she already owns. If she likes pearls, take note of which color pearl she likes. Think about her favorite colors and ask your jeweler for suggestions.
Consider her existing jewelry collection. If the recipient is rarely seen wearing bracelets, perhaps she doesn’t care for them. If she has multiple rings on each hand, maybe she doesn’t want another ring. Earrings are often the only type of jewelry some women wear, outside of their engagement and wedding rings.
Consider your budget. Talk with your jeweler about what kinds of jewelry you can purchase and stay within your budget. You may be surprised at the variety of pieces and complexity that can be found within your price range.
Consider asking for input. Unless you want the purchase to be a surprise, ask her what she would like! If you’d rather keep it a secret, ask her friends or family members if they know what kind of jewelry she loves. Maybe she likes square gemstones better than round. Perhaps she adores rubies and could care less about emeralds. Get help from those she interacts with to help ensure you get a gift she will love.

Every jewelry purchase is an investment. If you take all of the tips above into consideration, you’re not only likely to buy a piece of jewelry she will love, but it will demonstrate how much you love her!

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Tips from a Wedding Planner

We know that it takes a happy combination of events and planning to produce a “perfect” wedding.  Here are a few tips from the professional planners at Weddings Beautiful Worldwide.
If you are concerned about a guest list that has gotten out of hand and is too long for your taste or budget, assemble an unedited list of names (potential guests) and ask everyone involved to rank the names from most to least important. Count up the “most important” names and see what the list looks like.  If it is close to budget, thank everyone and settle the list.  If the numbers are still off, then ask people to cut a designated percentage from their lists.  Take stock of the new total and see  if the process needs to be repeated.

Don’t even consider sending invitations to an “A” list of guests, only to invite someone from a “B” list when someone from the first list declines.  That is so “Kardashian”!

To determine the size of the site you’ll need for your reception, be sure to investigate the parking facilities and the rest rooms as well as the size of the reception room(s).  The rule of thumb for toilets is that there should be at least one for every 25 guests.  The parking lot should accommodate one parking space for every two guests.

Always have at least one attendant assigned to your gift table at the reception even if you are not planning to open and display the gifts there.  BY THE WAY, that is the best and preferred way.  Money gifts should be kept in special receptacles and secured.  Many weddings hire special security for the reception to keep an eye on gifts and to assist in their proper transport after the celebration is over.

If parents and stepparents are contributing money for your reception, it is much better to pool the money in advance.  Then no contributor will demand to take control of how the money is spent.  If someone feels strongly about “sponsoring” a particular wedding expense, it is far better to know that up front and working with that person to accommodate preferences.

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How to Professionally Appraise your Jewelry

How To Choose A Professional Jewelry Appraiser

These are six questions that will give you a good idea of the qualifications and experience of the professional jewelry appraiser.

  1. Is the jewelry appraiser a Gemologist or Fellow of the Gemological Institute of Great Britain (“F.G.A.”)? These credentials are educational minimums in the field of gem sciences. Gemologist will know how to properly identify and grade diamonds and colored stones.
  2. Has the jewelry appraiser completed formal training and has been formally tested in appraising/valuation by a recognized appraisal organization, such as American Society of Appraisers?
  3. Does the jewelry appraiser follow the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice? Although appraisers of personal property, such as fine jewelry, are not required to follow the same federal rules for appraisers who appraise Real Estate, the larger appraisal organizations such as USPAP feel this is important enough to require their members to follow these rules.
  4. Is the jewelry appraiser a full time Appraiser, or does the Appraiser work in a jewelry store and occasionally do appraisals.  A good jewelry appraiser will have extensive background in all aspects of the jewelry business.
  5. Does the jewelry appraiser have references? Ask for references, especially from other professionals such as banks, trust companies, and attorneys who have used and are familiar with the appraiser’s professional work.
  6. How does the appraiser charge? The fee for a professional appraisal should only be on an hourly rate or a piece rate based on time and complexity, and never a percentage of the value of the item appraised.

So, you’ve decided to go ahead and have your fine jewelry appraised by a professional. Here are a few tips that should help in the process:

  • Give the jewelry appraiser copies of any documentation you have relative to the jewelry, such as original receipts and previous appraisals.
  • Expect to pay a flat fee for the appraisal. The fee will depend upon the complexity of the project, but you can expect that it will be more than $70.
  • You might be tempted by online companies that offer free or cheap appraisals. Online appraisals are only good for real property items that can be certified through photographs or receipts and descriptions. Even online appraisers admit that jewelry items of colored stones and diamonds require a more hands on approach. Any item such as fine jewelry, requiring certification or testing to prove identity or authenticity, can’t be appraised online.
  • Verify with your insurance company how often they require an appraisal in order for the insurance to remain valid. It is your responsibility to provide your insurance company with the required appraisals, and not their responsibility to remind you to update the appraisals.

The professional appraiser
Working within the jewelry industry by buying and selling jewelry does not make one an appraiser, nor should appraising be treated as an inalienable right that comes with the job. Appraising is a profession, just as a doctor, lawyer, or CPA, where one must be educated and tested. Unfortunately, as of today, there is no overseeing body to administer government testing and licensing (just like dentistry before the American Dental Association was formed), therefore, anyone can hold himself or herself out as a personal appraiser. BEWARE! It is up to you to separate the “quacks” from the professionals.

A professional appraiser will have a high level of education backed with a high level of experience and product knowledge. A professional will have taken and passed courses and prescribed examinations in evaluation and valuation, principles and business practices, appraisal ethics, standards and report writing. This type of professional will also keep up with the standards and changes through rigorous continuing education. Membership held within a professional appraisal organization is a good indicator of the appraisers’ commitment to their clients.

However, please keep in mind that not all organizations are equal! Not all organizations requirements are at par with the levels and standards that are all too important today. First, you must ask the appraiser how their designations are earned. Some organizations give titles for just paying their dues! Ask them what their level of membership is within the organization and what it took for them to earn that level of membership. You will also want to ask how often they have to retest to maintain their level of membership and what the testing involves. Some organizations “grandfather” their members. Grandfathering means that they pass one test and never have to be retested. This is not acceptable an organization must retest its members at least every five years to ensure that they stay current and up to date in regards to changes within the profession.

The meaning of “Something Blue”

Jewelry Trends: Blue is Making a Splash

We all know the bride’s wedding day mantra:

Something old, something new,  

 something borrowed, something blue.

This verse is said to bring the bride good fortune if she carries these items with her on her wedding day. “Something old” is to symbolize the bride’s relationship and continuity with her family’s past. Hope for the future and optimism is represented by “something new.” “Something borrowed” generally comes from a trusted friend or family member whose own marriage is successful and happy. But what is the meaning of “something blue?”

The color blue is a very symbolic color and has been connected to weddings for centuries. Brides wore blue in ancient Rome to symbolize love, modesty and fidelity. Purity is also associated with blue, as in Christianity, the Virgin Mary is often shown wearing blue. Blue was a very popular color for wedding attire before the late 19th century. We’ve all heard the proverb, “Marry in blue, lover be true.”

Now, in modern times, blue is making a big splash for weddings. Trends are showing that brides are choosing blue for bridesmaids’ gowns, flowers, wedding jewelry, reception hall decorations and the wedding gown itself. Also, the September birthstone, sapphire, is a popular option in engagement rings.


Sapphires have long been associated with royalty. King Solomon wore a sapphire ring and Prince Charles presented Lady Diana with a beautiful sapphire surrounded by diamonds for her engagement ring. Prince William presented his late mother’s sapphire engagement ring to his bride, Kate Middleton.

Sapphires are found in nearly any color imaginable except for red, which is a ruby. Blue sapphires are the most popular. Pink is also becoming more widely used in fine jewelry.

Legend states that sapphires could bring spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. It has also been associated with friendship and loyalty. Sapphire is also the gemstone for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

Sapphires rate 9.0 on the Mohs Hardness scale which means that they are resistant to being scratched and are are excellent in toughness. Clean your sapphire jewelry with mild soap and water. It is safe to use ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners.

WEDDING NOTES™ – Your Ceremony

ImageHe asked you to marry him and you said yes!  Congratulations!  If you know that you will be married in a church ceremony, as soon as you have shared the good news with close family members, it is time to think about when and where you will be married.

Once you have determined when, lock in the ceremony site and the reception venue.  Then other plans can fall into place.  As soon as possible, meet with the officiant and/or his/her representative to determine the “rules” guiding ceremonies in that church or synagogue.  With that information in hand, you can begin to formulate your own personal touches with the goal of creating a beautiful setting that helps to establish the mood for your ceremony to come.

As guests arrive, the setting – candles, lights, flowers and music can create a lovely atmosphere.

Instruct ushers to make friendly small talk with guests as they arrive and as they are escorted to their seats.  This is truly welcoming and helps guests to feel at ease.  If yours is a small wedding, ushers can present a single flower to female guests along with a note from you welcoming them to the wedding.  A welcome flower can also be presented along with the programs.

Consider having ceremony hosts welcome guests at the entrance doors.  Choose one from each family – someone who is likely to recognize the majority of the guests as they arrive.  Your parents may be mingling with guests at this point or may be needed with the wedding party.

If you have music playing as guests arrive and are seated, be sure someone is ready to cue the music to change tempo or volume or both so that special music plays as the parents of the bride and groom are seated.  More and more couples are choosing to have a card or note from them along with a single flower or small wrapped gift waiting in the pew for parents as they are seated.

Consider having the music change again as the groom and his best man take their places.  Then as the processional begins, the music should change again for the bridesmaids and flower girls.

The bride should make an entrance cued by more dramatic “announcement” music.  If the church or facility can manage it, consider dimming the house lights and turn on pre placed lighting aimed at the aisle just before the bride begins her walk to the altar.

Above all remember that the ceremony is the cornerstone of the day and the reason the guests have gathered.  The reception celebrates what has happened in that church.