Jewelry Gifts For Women


There are few women who would never turn away a piece of fine jewelery as a gift. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when buying jewelry for a woman you love.

Consider her lifestyle. If she’s active and athletic, consider getting her jewelry that is not only durable, but easy to wear. Simple, but beautiful stud earring with a single gemstone allow her to feel beautiful every day.
Consider her personal style. Chances are, she already prefers either gold or silver toned metals. Choose a necklace, earrings or bracelet that compliments the pieces she already owns. If she likes pearls, take note of which color pearl she likes. Think about her favorite colors and ask your jeweler for suggestions.
Consider her existing jewelry collection. If the recipient is rarely seen wearing bracelets, perhaps she doesn’t care for them. If she has multiple rings on each hand, maybe she doesn’t want another ring. Earrings are often the only type of jewelry some women wear, outside of their engagement and wedding rings.
Consider your budget. Talk with your jeweler about what kinds of jewelry you can purchase and stay within your budget. You may be surprised at the variety of pieces and complexity that can be found within your price range.
Consider asking for input. Unless you want the purchase to be a surprise, ask her what she would like! If you’d rather keep it a secret, ask her friends or family members if they know what kind of jewelry she loves. Maybe she likes square gemstones better than round. Perhaps she adores rubies and could care less about emeralds. Get help from those she interacts with to help ensure you get a gift she will love.

Every jewelry purchase is an investment. If you take all of the tips above into consideration, you’re not only likely to buy a piece of jewelry she will love, but it will demonstrate how much you love her!

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