The Top “5” Most Amazing Marriage Proposals…

These days, with the Internet and social media raising expectations, it’s getting harder and harder for the uber-romantic to come up with unique ways to pop the question. Harder, but not impossible. All of these proposals prove that romance lives, creativity abounds and these guys know how to keep a secret!

1) The greatest dub story ever told

When Amy Frankel got called to her boyfriend’s parents’ house, was plopped in the back of Honda, handed a pair of headphones and told to listen, she had to know this was no ordinary day. But Amy could never have been prepared for what was to come: as the car drove along the quiet Oregon street, choreographed dancers continued to appear—seemingly out of nowhere—all lip-dubbing Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” As the five-minute ride continued, Amy could do nothing but laugh as the dance parade grew ever larger. At the finish, the mob of at least 60 dancers parted, and through the center came Isaac Lamb, who finished the song as he approached the Honda, motioned for Amy to take off the headphones, and popped the question.

2) Work with what you know

When a girl dating a high-level Google executive gets a Nexus 7 tablet as a gift, she probably won’t think that much of it. She will, of course, be incredibly touched that he preloaded it with all her favorite apps, books, music, and movies, but it’s when she sees a video called “I [heart] Aditi”—and her name is Aditi—that she’ll really become entranced with her new gift. For five minutes, she’ll watch the loving and meticulous work of her boyfriend, Raj Hathiramani, who compiled 190 video images, stills, and time-lapse sequences of food (he even bakes heart-shaped brownies—aw!), found objects, friends, family, and seemingly, strangers on the street, into a heart-themed message that ends with promises of love—and a proposal. And then she’ll say yes.

3) “I’m going to make you a star, baby!”

And indeed he did. Writer David Pogue didn’t just videotape a surprise proposal; he created an entire movie trailer that documented his love story with Nicki Dugan, his intended. More than that, he arranged for the phony promo to play at a theater that the couple attended with their families. The professional trailer—complete with set changes and musical score—was so convincing that it took Nicki a little time to recognize her own story, a slow and priceless realization that was captured in real time and shown in the corner of the screen. At the critical moment—when the actor playing David gets down on one knee—the real David yelled “Cut!” and stepped in to finish the proposal, live. An ecstatic Nicki screamed “Yes!” and they lived happily ever after.

4) A proposal full of Glee

It’s hard to say who had the most exciting moment: Seattle’s Tim Hannifan, a Glee fan who won a “flash mob proposal” drawing from flash mob producer Egan Orion, or fellow Gleek and girlfriend Emily Ogura, who was surprised in front of 850 flash dancers at the 3rd Annual Glee Flash Mob. Not even the mobbers knew about the big event, only that at the prescribed time, they were to take a break—that’s when Tim Hannifan, the last man standing, called Emily forward and, from the looks of this video, made her the happiest girl on Earth.

5) The biggest fish story of all time

Blake Buck has imagination, nerve, and a really dedicated friend. When Buck took girlfriend Kellie O’Leary ice fishing in Minnesota, the lucky girl reeled in diamonds! After gleefully accepting the proposal, she wanted to know how her beau pulled it off. Here’s the secret: Buck had a pal in another ice house on the lake, and when Buck gave the go-ahead, the SCUBA-clad friend took a dive, swam 70 feet, put a rubber fish—with the real engagement ring attached!—on Kellie’s hook and gave it a tug. After Kellie reeled in her prize, she called her parents and told them, “I caught a fiancé.”

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