12 Things We Learned About Love from our Customers

  1. Men want the fairy tale just as much as women. Yes, it’s true. Men come in with stars in their eyes and plans on how they are going to propose and they also want the fairy tale wedding and proposal with the perfect ring.
  2. The anti-dote to couple over-share is to share with them. I have found that couples love to share their stories, but not only that; they also love to hear our stories. I often hear Men coming in and  recounting their love story to other couples that are on the verge of starting their own love story.
  3. Men are as visual as women. Men need to see and feel the diamond, the wax prototype of their ring and then the actual ring itself. It makes it real to them.
  4. Texting is for lovers. We are so busy these days and texting has become the ever-popular way to show and tell when it comes to diamond buying. Snap a picture of the diamonds, text it to your girlfriend, mother, best friend and dog.
  5. Another key to making it last: matching Wedding Bands! This has been a trend this year with our customers. They order custom wedding bands made to match, then each are engraved with special sayings for the other on the inside.
  6. There’s one more reason to be glad you’re not 22. As much as I love to watch the starry eyes as they see the ring for the first time and the hope for the future, I am so glad that I am in my future already and settled!
  7. Never doubt a woman who says she wants a big diamond. When a woman says she wants a Big Diamond, listen to her. I can’t tell you the times the fiancé has come back to reset the ring to make the diamond look bigger or has even come back to exchange the stone for a larger one. It’s a good thing we have a good exchange policy in place!
  8. Good lover = Good Spouse. Don’t believe me? Just ask all the happy couples that we have seen get married over the past year!
  9. Marrying for money is on the downswing. We see all kinds, but what we see more and more are couples who are marrying for love and life instead of want and need.  We love the new trend of marrying because you can’t live without that person instead of marrying because you can’t live without their wallet.
  10. It’s cool to spell out your commitment. When I say spell it out, I don’t mean a prenuptial agreement, I mean spelling it out by saying I love you with words and gestures.
  11. There’s no such thing as traditional partnerships. Sometimes it’s the girls who come in to buy their guys rings. That’s right. Tradition is great, but it doesn’t always work for everyone, we have learned to keep an open mind.
  12. A little patience can go a long way. The key to love is patience. When you sit across from a couple, you watch as they navigate patience with each other during what can turn into a three-hour diamond extravaganza.  When you sit across from a nervous young man buying his first diamond, you must be patient and sit back quietly as they contemplate every detail.  When you sit across from an older man buying his wife of twenty years an anniversary gift, you must be patient as they recount the past twenty years. Patience is what keeps that love together and alive and that is what we have learned most from our customers about love in 2012.

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