Get Your Free Skatell’s Jewelers Loyalty Card Today And Save Even More!

Skatell’s Jewelers has launched a new endeavor featuring rewards for our loyal customers.

While every customer is special, we wanted to find a way to give extra value to those customers who have known, trusted and shopped with us regularly.

It’s free to join!

Monthly specials will be posted in-store and online at

How do I earn Loyalty Rewards?

By making purchases from Skatell’s Jewelers Spartanburg,SC  (online or in store). You’ll earn 2% back on all purchases. Certain types of purchases may not be eligible for the Loyalty Rewards Program, and others may earn rewards at higher or lower rates than typical purchases. Skatell’s Jewelers has complete details.

Loyalty Rewards are earned at a rate of 2% of every purchase. So, if you purchase $100 worth of merchandise, you’ll receive $2 in rewards. Rewards dollars you earn can be redeemed only at Skatell’s Jewelers in Spartanburg and on-line and cannot be transferred to another Loyalty Rewards account.

In addition to your regular %2 back on all purchases, we’ll also off special bonus Rewards items. These specials will be advertised via email or through local print and audio advertising.

Where can I redeem the dollars I earn with Loyalty Rewards?

Loyalty Rewards can be redeemed at our store Skatell’s Jewelers in Spartanburg, SC.

How do I redeem my Loyalty points?

Our Sales consultants can assist you. He or she can confirm your account balance, and redeem the number of dollars desired. A minimum of $40.00 must be accumulated before Loyalty Rewards can be redeemed toward a purchase.

How quickly can I redeem Loyalty Rewards after I earn them?

In most cases, rewards you earn will be available to you within thirty (30) days of the purchase on which you earned those rewards. Ask a sales consultant for more details.

Who can participate?

Any individual 18 years of age or older.

Will my Loyalty Rewards ever expire?

Under normal circumstances, no. However, if a member’s account is inactive for more than a year or extended period, the account may be closed, and earned rewards forfeited. Ask a sales consultant for additional information.

What are the terms and conditions of the program?

You must activate a Skatell’s Jewelers Loyalty Card Member Account (“Account”) to participate in or to gain access to the Program (“Membership”), including any or all Loyalty Rewards offerings, promotions, etc. To enroll, you must complete a Membership Enrollment Form.

*Loose Diamond purchases are exempted in this program, due to our extreme competitive pricing we already offer.


Points may be redeemed only at Skatell’s Jewelers in Spartanburg, SC. There is a minimum redemption of 250 Points towards any transaction. A transaction is considered either single or multiple item purchases. Point balances will never be allowed to have a negative balance. In the event any merchandise is returned to the Jeweler for store credit or refund and the resulting point balance is calculated as a negative total, as a result of a prior redemption the value of that balance is to be deducted from the Member’s credit or refund.

Redeemed Points are not reversible or refundable. Merchandise purchased with Points may be exchangeable, according to Skatell’s Jewelers standard return policy

Limits on Liability for Technological Failure

Skatell’s Jewelers accepts NO liability for any losses that you experience because the Loyalty Program and/or its underlying technology, is not operational or accessible to you, other Members, or other individuals. Skatell’s Jewelers  Loyalty Program does not make any expressed or implied representation or warranties to you regarding the accuracy, reliability, availability, or other operation(s), or that your access to Loyalty Rewards or presentations will be uninterrupted or error-free.

What if I have more questions?

Visit the store nearest you and ask any sales consultant or call us at (864) 576-6434. We are more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns about the Skatell’s Jewelers Loyalty Program. Or Email Your Questions to

Where do you turn in the form?

  • Loyalty Rewards applications can only be filled out in store. To register in store, visit our beautiful showroom located at 217 East Blackstock Road in Spartanburg, SC and ask any sales consultant for an application.

So, now that you know the program, what are you waiting for?


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