Proposals from our Clients

marrymemugHere is where we would like to have Your Stories of your proposal. Please comment below and Share your Story. It might help someone who needs a great Idea to Propose!

College Trivia:

This being my second marriage, I decided that I wanted my children involved in making my new wife feel a part of the family. We went out and bought plain white tee shirts and a bunch of colorful markers. I invited twelve good friends to the beach house. Prior to my girlfriends arrival. We all wrote two Capital letters on our shirt. When she arrived we told her that we had to select a College abbreviation that she thought would be hard to guess. ( She chose Az for Arizona) We then went around and had to whisper into each others ears what college their letter represented. Of course we were all “in on the gag” and so as we “guessed” correctly you would have the other person sign your shirt. First person with ten signatures on their shirt, won the game and a $100 cash prize. Everyone was to always tell my girlfriend “no” After about tren minutes she had no signatures and when she tried to guess their college. We all had about eight or so signatures. Her frustration grew. We were all laughing and having a ball. Not so much for her. So I had all of the poeple line up to expalin to her some of the colleges represented. ( people took thier places and ….. The letters on their Tee shirts spelled our WI LL UM AR RY ME

She Used to Hate Valentine:

My fiancee and I first met online around my birthday, I joke that she was my birthday present! I had never met anyone like her, she is funny, smart and had a great outlook on life. When we talked about the Holidays that meant the most to us, she said that she hated Valentine’s Day. She had had a lot of relationships that didn’t work out very well and was always alone or crying when Feb 14th cam around. I couldn’t say that I blamed her. When I planned my proposal, I wanted to make sure that I gave her a Valentines Day to remember! I invited my parents to come up for the weekend and arranged for her family to be with us too. The whole day was all about her… We went to her favorite restaurant, a movie and had a great time. All the while, our families were back at our house waiting for us to come home. (I told her that her daughter wanted to have a Valentine’s Day party and that some family was coming over to have cake and cookies) When we got there everyone was waiting and I got down on one knee… But before I could say anything she ran into my arms crying and saying “yes!” My dad said that it wasn’t good enough and that I had to ask her. So I pulled back and asked her to marry me. I have never seen her so happy! PS She now loves Valentine’s Day!

Below are 20 Great and Modern Proposal ideas to help you ask the question to the one you Love. If none of these ideas are original enough for you, come visit us and we will help you plan the perfect way to pop the question!fish

  1. If you’re savvy on the web, create a website and give it a unique name like “” or whatever you think best represents your love for her. Send her the link in an email, and make sure she checks it while you’re around. On the website, make a slide show of pictures of you and her, in chronological order since you met. At the end of the slideshow, add text that asks her to marry you. Maybe have a picture of you holding the ring on the last slide.
  2. Timing is everything. If you have a lot of mutual friends, plan a surprise party at your house for her. Create a Facebook group titled “Will You Marry Me, (First Name, Last Name)?” Make sure she gets Facebook on her mobile phone. Then, on your way home from work, invite her to the Facebook group right before the party begins. Try to plan it so she’s looking at it right when you open the door to your house.
  3. Take her to a movie, and arrange to have an advertisement playing before the movie begins, which pops the question to her on the screen. This idea can also work well after the movie, especially if it’s a love story. Just make sure to stay for the credits.
  4. Plan a romantic vacation with her. Call a limousine company to pick you up from the airport and have them hold a sign that says “Will you marry me?” Make sure the limo is stocked with some nice champagne or whatever she likes. This should start your trip off with a romantic kick, and make your vacation a memorable one.
  5. Bring her to a nice place which can accommodate several people. Have a group of friends waiting around the corner or in another room. When the proposal goes well, have a text message ready to be sent, so they can all come out and celebrate the great news with you both. Make a big deal about it and show her how happy you are that she said “yes.”
  6. If you’re both runners, write the proposal question in chalk along her usual running route. Plan to go with her that morning, and bring the engagement ring with you. Just for the sake of suspense, write her first name on the sidewalk, then a quarter mile later, write her last name, and then a quarter mile after that, write the full question on the sidewalk: Will You Marry Me? Give her the ring then, and get down on one knee.
  7. Make a playlist for her including songs that represent your love for each other. The songs don’t have to be literal like “Let’s Get Married,” although it might give her a few exciting hints. At the end of the playlist, pop the question.
  8. Family is important. Book a special day for her and her mother at the spa. Treat them to the works. Tell her mother about what you plan on doing so that she can be in on it too. At the end of her massage, walk in the room and propose to her.
  9. Pull out the special engagement ring box from Blue Water Jewelers. Open the box and show her the ring, looking deep into her eyes. Pull the ring out of the box and tell her that the ring itself represents your strong connection with each other. Tell her that the center diamond represents your love for each other, which shines brighter than the sun. Tell her if she marries you that your love will be everlasting like this diamond, made from the strongest material found on earth.
  10. Make a list of every single thing that you love about her, and have it printed on nice paper with elegant font. Then get on one knee when she reaches the end. The last thing you list could be that she said yes when you proposed to her.
  11. Plan a movie night with just you and her at home. Tell her the movie is a surprise. Instead of playing the movie, play a DVD that you created, which plays a slideshow of you and her set to your favorite songs. At the end of the slideshow, add the text “Will You Marry Me?”
  12. Take her out to your favorite restaurant, and have the wait staff bring out a menu that you designed. Some of the menu choices could be dates that you had, romantic experiences, and you could save the proposal part for the main course, or even dessert.
  13. Hang some mistletoe somewhere in your house during Christmas, and attach the ring to it. Give her a kiss, and then tell her to look up at the mistletoe, with her shiny engagement ring from Blue Water Jewelers sparkling at her.
  14. Tell her you’re taking her to dinner, but don’t say where. When you get to the restaurant, have her family there waiting, then drop down on one knee.
  15. Plan a treasure hunt around your house, or even your town or city, with a string of clues that eventually lead to her engagement ring that you got her from Blue Water Jewelers.
  16. Bring her where you went on your first date. Try to figure out a way to “casually” go there so it’s a surprise.
  17. Create a Facebook event called “Will You Marry Me?” Invite only her and yourself to it. On the page, provide a link to the ring you got her from Blue Water Jewelers.
  18. Create a photo book at and have it bound. Include photos of the two of you, in chronological order since you met. On the last page, include a picture of you holding a ring, with a sign that says “Will You Marry Me?” Give her the ring while you both get to the last page.
  19. Buy several boxes of various sizes so that each box fits inside the other. In the smallest of the boxes, put the engagement ring. This will make it seem like a present that is much larger, which may give her a playful annoyance. But most importantly, it will hide the fact that it’s an engagement ring. When she gets to the smallest package, ask for her hand in marriage.
  20. Write her a poem explaining all the things you love about her, asking her to marry you at the end. Hire a calligraphist to write your poem on nicely textured paper. Buy a dozen roses and champagne, then dress up in a suit and give her the poem.
  21. marryme

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