Halloween Proposal Ideas…

  Costumes, sweets and surprises! These are the best elements for a marriage proposal! There are some couples that just absolutely love the fun and exciting festivities revolving around Halloween. It might even make sense to propose marriage during the spooky holiday. Costumes also add the element of surprise. Here are some ideas you might want to consider for a Halloween proposal:Image

Carve the proposal into a pumpkin: A reader named Courtney told Glamour that she and her boyfriend had a pumpkin-carving contest. Her boyfriend insisted they hide their pumpkins until they were done. On the big reveal, he turned his pumpkin around and it read: “MARRY ME?” He definitely won the contest. The pretty lighted pumpkin also adds an element of romance.

Hide The Ring In A Pumpkin: Another way to incorporate the pumpkin is to carve a pumpkin with  her, but already have the ring planted inside the pumpkin. The easy way to go about this is to carve a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin, fill it with your surprise, and place the piece back on.

Another way to hide the ring in a Pumpkin…

Wear A Costume And Surprise Her: Being that it’s Halloween, it’ll be easy to hide behind a mask and surprise her somewhere totally unexpected… like while trick or treating with a group of kids.

Did you propose to your sweetheart on Halloween? Spill the detail and let us know how!  Would you like to be proposed to during Halloween?

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