5 Reasons Not To Accept A Proposal Without The Engagement Ring

ImageThere are a lot of ways that your guy could propose to you without a ring. He can get really creative, propose in a really romantic way, go ring shopping with you after, or you might not even want an engagement ring. However, if you were totally let down and were hoping for something a little sparkly, read on. While keeping the whole proposal execution in mind, here are five reasons that you might want to say no to his proposal (or at least make him do it over).

1. The first reaction your girlfriends are going to have is “How did he propose?” The second: “Can I see the ring??” Even if they don’t ask, curious eyes are going straight to your ring finger (trust me, it’s going to happen). When they see that it’s vacant, they are probably going to feel a little confused and ask…

2. “Where’s your ring?” You’re visiting your parents to share the news and you tell them that there is no ring. Depending on how traditional your parents are, they might wonder if he’s taking you seriously and if your future husband didn’t plan ahead to get an engagement ring, how is the rest of your future together going to look? An awkward conversation is about to happen in 3…2…1…

3. Does your guy typically act on impulse? The process of purchasing an engagement ring is not typically as carefree as buying a pair of new stilettos and you can’t always just return it. It takes a huge amount of education, research and shopping, so the guy will have spent time seriously thinking about the huge commitment he is about to make. In a contest that we hosted, a woman explained to us how her fiancé proposed to her, “We were laying in bed watching The Simpsons, when he rolled over and said, ‘So, you wanna get married?’” A broken engagement can just as easily happen as a proposal without any serious thought or planning.

4. The “I’m engaged” excuse to the next guy who hits on you won’t be as believable if you’re walking around sans ring. “So then where’s your ring?” Even the “I have a boyfriend” line had a guy retorting, “Come on, I know you don’t.” Seriously, there are jerky jerks like that out there! #TrueStory

5. An engagement ring isn’t just about the shiny bling or the price tag, it’s the symbolism behind it that makes it so special. Because the guy has to sacrifice a little bit symbolizes that he is not taking this decision lightly. No matter the budget, your guy has been squirreling away money for some time to prepare for this by cutting back on beer and the latest PS3 games. He isn’t proposing on a whim.


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