Love Don’t Cost A Thing: 6 Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas


So Valentine’s Day is coming and you want to avoid the last minute panic and pressure. Maybe you don’t feel like taking out a loan for an evening out either. What to do? As with many things in life, a little thought goes a long way. So, start thinking Bud. Drawing a blank? That’s where this post comes in…since I’ve done a little bit of thinking for you. Yes, you’re welcome (fist bump).

First – know your partner! If she is the kind of person who loves to be wined and dined and showered with gifts – do it. This post is not to avoid or replace her needs and desires with a cheap “out” for you. Sorry – you chose her. However, you can augment your evening with one of these low-cost ideas to make the evening even richer. On the other hand, if your partner prefers thoughtful gestures and the little things (okay, not everything should be little), these tips may be just what you are looking for to make her happy and give you both a great night together. Alright, let’s go…

Write Something. Write a Poem. Write a song. Write a letter. Write a card. Write something. Corny right? WRONG. She will love it. Are you capable of writing a poem? You could do it in 3rd grade – you can do it now. Think about what she does for you…spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Make it rhyme if you like. Put thoughts into words. Make it funny. Make it sweet. But here’s the key. Read it out loud. To her. Don’t hurry. Pause and make eye contact. Feel the words as you read them – and she will too.

Cook Something. You have never claimed to be a chef, but maybe for one night you can be. If the school of burn and turn grilling is your thing – go for it – but add some finesse with the side dishes and desserts. The key here is effort – as well as knowing what she loves, and planning. Have everything ready before she arrives. Do not let her lift a finger – you are chef, waiter, maître D, and dream man rolled into one. Okay, maybe 3 out of 4. An appetizer is mandatory. If she likes alcohol, make her favorite cocktail. Main entrée should be her favorite dish. Don’t forget to set the table. Candles. Music. Set the Mood. Should you not make it to dessert, remember to turn off the oven. You only want one room burning this evening.

Time Travel. If you’ve only been dating a few months then this may not be for you. But, if a few years have passed and you look back with fondness on those early days…why not live them again? That little neighborhood spot you went to for a bite on the first date? The dive bar you went for a drink at later? The walk you took together. The first place you kissed. Retrace your steps while recalling how you felt that night and how the world changed for you both.

Pamper Her. Take a moment and think of everything she does for you…now, what can you do in return? How about a little de-stressing? Yeah…who doesn’t like that? Again, set the mood with some aromatherapy (sometimes known as candles); get some essential oils to heighten the experience; read a website or two on effleurage and pressure point techniques – and then take your time working your way from head to toe and then back up. This is a great time to tell her how you feel about her, and how you appreciate her. She will feel it in her heart and in every tingling nerve ending. Then order in a pizza and beer for afterwards ;-)

Sing her Praises. Feeling brave? Kind of guy who loves show tunes? Neither? Well, this one will knock her out then. While Valentine’s is all about LOVE, relationships are also all about FUN. So have some. Karaoke can be your middle name! Face it – dinner is dinner, but having your man sing to you in public? Well that’s downright embarrassing…I mean wonderful. Whether it’s “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars or “Lovecats” by the Cure or “Baby Got Back”…pour your heart into it and let her know how you feel. It will be a memory she will never forget and can never erase.

Make Something. So you’ve got 874 photos of the two of you on your phone, and on your laptop you have even more. Isn’t that special? it’s not. What is special? Having something to hold in your hands that is not digital – but is tangible and real and beautiful. With online publishing – you can take your photos and tell a story, YOUR story, in your book. The places, events and times you have shared are the bond that holds everything together as you move toward the future. Celebrate her, and your time with her with funny, sweet, awkward, cute, beautiful moments shared. She won’t expect it, but she will love knowing how much you value those moments WITH her.

So there you have it. Six splendidly sweet and possibly sexy ways to let her know you love her on Valentine’s Day. Pick your favorite, combine a few of them together, or add one or two to the standard evening out – you’ll be making this Valentine’s unique – and you’ll have a few ideas left over for next year.  Or you could head over to here for more romantic ideas…

Watch this New Arrested Video Proposal below, one of the best Ideas we found: Traffic stop turns into a Proposal !


*Please leave a comment below if you would like to share an idea too. We always welcome your comments!


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