The Ultimate List of Marriage Proposals


Marriage Proposals with Food or at Restaurants

Whether it’s a meal out or a ring on a cake, using food is a great way to surprise your
sweetie with a marriage proposal.
Bake her a cake and put the ring on top in the icing. It’s hard for a woman to resist a man who bakes.
Freeze the ring in an ice cube and pop it into her glass of water while you’re relaxing at home. She’ll notice something in her glass and when she sees it, get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.
Have a bakery bake a cake with your proposal message inscribed on it in icing, put it in a store window, and top it with her diamond. Take her on a walk and make a special stop in front of the window display. As she reads the cake, get down on one knee and pop the question. Afterwards, head inside to celebrate your engagement with your cake and champagne.
While at a restaurant, pretend to drop something (a napkin maybe) on the floor and have your sweetie pick it up. When she does, drop the ring in her wine glass for a surprise. As she pulls it out, pop the question.
Take her to any restaurant for any meal, though dinner usually works best. Arrange beforehand to have a police officer pull you over when you leave. When he asks for your registration, have her retrieve it from the glove compartment with the ring attached.
Take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant. After you’ve finished, excuse yourself to go to the restroom, but leave to find your waiter/waitress and tell them your plans. Order your girlfriend’s favorite dessert and have the waiter put the ring on the top. Be sure to have them wait and bring it out after you are back at the table. Be ready to get down on one knee and propose while the waiter is putting the dessert down in front of her.
Buy fortune cookies and remove the fortunes from them with a pair of tweezers. Replace the fortunes with notes asking her to marry you. You can set it up with a Chinese restaurant to bring them to you after a nice romantic dinner or have them delivered with your take out.
Take her to your favorite restaurant that the two of you consider “special.” Have a special menu made that has your proposal printed inside and have the waiter hand that menu to her. When she opens it and reads the proposal, get down on one knee and propose.
Buy a bunch of Hershey’s Kisses and make a trail with them taking her to a quiet place with a bottle of wine waiting and roses everywhere. Tell her “Now that I’ve “kissed” the ground that you’ve walked on, will you marry me?”

Marriage Proposals Using Flowers

Fresh flowers are the essence of romance. Here are a few creative fresh flower ideas
to help you in your marriage proposal.
Spell out your proposal with rose petals or petals from her favorite flower. As she reads the proposal, get down on one knee and ask her to be your bride.
Twelve days before you decide to propose, begin sending her a single rose each day leading to the 12th day. On the 12th day, she will expect a last rose to complete her dozen. Instead, surprise her with a full dozen roses and a ring and ask for her hand in marriage.
Buy 14 of her favorite flowers. Tie a piece of paper to each of them. Have each flower stem hold a letter spelling out ‘will you marry me.’ Give her the flowers one by one. Have the last flower, the ‘e’ flower, have the ring attached to it as well.
Have one rose or a flower of your choice delivered to her every hour for 11 hours. Show up yourself with the 12th rose/flower and propose.
Order a gorgeous Hawaiian lei and give it to her before a dinner out. Have the ring attached to the lei and get down on one knee when she sees it. Keep the theme going and tell her that you want to take her to Hawaii for your honeymoon.
Give her three long-stemmed roses and tell her that one represents the past, one represents the present, and one represents your future. Have the ring tied to the last rose and then get down on one knee and propose.

Adventurous Proposals

Are you an adventurous couple? Do you want a thrilling proposal? Try out some of
our adventurous proposal ideas designed for those who like to live on the edge both
in life and in love.
Take your loved one on a sky diving adventure. After you pull your shoot, you’ll both land trapped under your parachute. Ask her to help you out of your chute and when she lifts it, be on one knee holding a ring, asking for her hand in marriage.
Take her bungee jumping. When she gets to the top reveal the letters “Will you marry me? Jump for yes!” at the bottom.
Enjoy a ski weekend together. As you are skiing down the mountain have a huge sign made that says “Will you marry me (name)?” And once you get to the bottom of the mountain, get down on one knee and propose.
Surprise her with a sunrise hot air balloon ride complete with mimosas and a romantic proposal as you soar through the air with the clouds.
Spend the day rafting down the river. When you finish up, get down on one knee and tell her that you want to weather the rapids of life together and ask if she’ll spend her life with you.

Balloon Proposal

You’d be surprised how many ways you can use balloons in your proposal to make it
both unique and memorable.
Give her a balloon bouquet filled with rose petals. You can take the rose petals with you to the balloon shop and have them placed inside as they fill them with helium. Have the ring placed inside one of the balloons with rose petals. Surprise her with the balloons and as you pop them, she’ll be showered with rose petals and an engagement ring.
Take her on a hot air balloon ride and propose as she watches the world below. Tell her that when you’re together, you’re on top of the world. It will be especially romantic if you do it at sunset with a bottle of wine.
Surprise her with a room filled with balloons. Inside each balloon, put a love note (such as
“I love you,” “You’re everything to me.”, etc). Hidden under the collection of balloons is a box containing the ring. She’ll have to pop all of your “love notes” to get to the proposal! When she finds it, get down on one knee and propose.

Unique Ways to Propose in a BIG Way

Proposing marriage is a big deal, so why not do it in a big way? Here are
a few big ways for you to have a unique and creative marriage proposal.
Rent a billboard and drive by it one afternoon while you’re together.
Put your proposal up with the ads before a movie and take your sweetie early to see the show.
Put an ad in the newspaper. This is incredibly easy to do and very inexpensive. You can place a classified ad, such as ‘Seeking single female named such-and-such to spend her life with me. Or, you could up the ante and place a larger graphical ad with a picture of the two of you and your proposal.
Have it displayed on the scoreboard at a ballgame. This is a really cool way to propose, just make sure your girlfriend sees it! If you want a memory, have a friend nearby to video the proposal and her response!
Take her flying so she can see your creative proposal from above. You could try using bricks, chalk, paint or something else on a road, sidewalk, yard or building to spell it out. Another idea given our many cornfields, carve the words ‘marry me’ in a corn field, then fly her over it.
Write ‘Will you marry me?’ in luminaries on a hilly road that you can drive up and see.
Take her out for a nice dinner and to a movie. In the middle of the movie, arrange for the staff to stop the movie and announce that they are having technical difficulties and it would be appreciated if everyone remained seated. Then, have them roll a slide show of photos of you two together playing “your song.” At the end of the slide show have a video clip of you talking and saying how much she means to you, etc. Next, ask her to marry you. When she turns around to look at you present her with the ring.
Contact your local radio station and arrange to propose on air! If your sweetie wakes up to the radio each morning or listens to the radio in the car on the way to work, arrange for your proposal to air during that time along with a song dedicated to your love. If you have the proposal air while
she’s on the way to work, make sure you’re at her office waiting for her to arrive. As she pulls up,be waiting on one knee with roses and the ring, then pop the question.

Techie Proposal

Did you meet online? Are you both tech geeks? Here’s a collection of unique
and creative internet and online ways to propose marriage.
Create a Website. Make sure you’re there when she is viewing it, then get down on one knee when she’s done. A website is a public declaration of your love, so you’ll be able to share your proposal with friends and family.
Send an eCard that will be delivered to your sweetie at work. Include a romantic love poem that tells her exactly what she means to you. At the end, ask for her hand in marriage. Be at her office waiting to surprise her after she received the card.
Set a reminder to pop up in her Outlook and have it be a proposal (or a wedding date
suggestion!). Make sure to have the reminder pop up while you’re around. If it’s at work, have the reminder come up around lunch and be there waiting to give the ring and celebrate with a romantic lunch.
Send a text message to your sweetie’s cell phone asking her to marry you. While you’re out and about and she least expects it, send the message. She’ll be surprised to receive a message on her cell while you’re together. After she reads it, get down on one knee and propose.
Is she always working at a computer? Set up the screen saver to be the proposal, and be there when it pops up. She’ll be pleasantly surprised when she walks up to the computer and sees your proposal. Be waiting with flowers and the ring behind her.
If you are on an online message board, forum, etc, ask her in a post. Make the post a full fledged love letter to her letting her know how you feel about her and your life together
. Tell her that you found a post that she just has to read. While she’s reading, get the ring out and get down on one knee to propose.
Make your proposal into a desktop picture for her to find when she turns on her computer. To do this, have a friend take a photo of you down on one knee and then set it as her desktop background
picture. The next time she heads to check her email, follow and be down on one knee holding the ring when she turns back to you.
Create your proposal on your webcam and then upload it online to your own proposal website or YouTube. Either surprise her with it by telling her that you’ve got something to show her online.
Or send her an email with a link to your proposal. Either way, be there when she views it and get down on one knee to slip the ring on her finger.

Holiday Proposals


Fourth of July

Are you looking for a unique proposal idea that will set off the fireworks? If you’re
planning to pop the question on July 4th, check out our collection of creative and
romantic 4th of July marriage proposal ideas.
Take her to a fireworks show. During the grand finale, whisper “Will you marry me?” in her ear, then get down on one knee and propose. She’ll truly see sparks!
Create your own fireworks show at home and then propose to her as your ‘grand finale’ is going off.
Tell her that she lights up your life more than these fireworks light up the sky and ask her if she’ll do you the honor of becoming your wife.
Dress up in your 4th of July best and take her out for a romantic picnic in the park. After you eat and are lying on the blanket talking, tell her that you love how the two of you not only work well together as a couple, but that you give each other the ‘freedom’ to be who you are as an individual as well. Then tell her that you want her to be part of your life for
ever and ask her to marry you.
Take her to a 4th of July parade, but arrange ahead of time for you to be actually in the parade such as in a car or on a float. Bring along a banner that says “Will you marry me, ‘her-name’?”. When you get to her spot on the street and she sees the banner, walk over to her and get down on one knee.

Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposals

Proposing on the ultimate romance day of the year? Turn February 14th into a day she’ll never forget with a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal.
Have her serenaded on Valentine’s Day. You can hire a singer to surprise her with a Valentine’s
song. Or, serenade her yourself and end with the proposal!
Give her a heart shaped box of chocolates, with one chocolate missing and an engagement ring in its place. When she opens the box, get down on one knee and pop the question.
On Valentine’s Day, use the little heart candies and spell out the words ‘Marry Me’ with them.
For extra romance, only use the hearts that say ‘Marry Me’ on them.
Give her a beautiful heart pewter box with the ring nestled inside. Engrave your proposal or your
names with the date on the top of the box. This personalized proposal will be a Valentine’s surprise that she’ll never forget!
Buy a card that says “To my fiancé on Valentine’s Day.” As she opens the card, she will be surprised and then you get down on your knee and propose.
Give her a heart pendant necklace for Valentine’s Day and then surprise her with a Valentine’s Day
proposal as you get down on one knee with a ring. She’ll think the necklace was the only gift and then be surprised with the proposal.

Christmas Proposals

Christmas becomes as romantic as Valentine’s Day when it includes a marriage proposal.
Wrap it in a large box and give it to her on Christmas. She won’t be expecting it since a ring would
normally be in a small sized box. You can fill the box with other romantic trinkets to throw her off
more. Or you could fill it with peanuts (the styrofoam kind) and she’ll have to search through them
to find the ring.
• Wrap it in box after box, ending with a big box with a big bow.
Give her 5 wrapped boxes with a different word (will you marry me) in each box and the ring in the
last box. Make sure she opens them in the correct order!
Place strands of Christmas lights on your lawn spelling out “Will you marry me?” so that she sees it when she drives up.
Take her on a horse drawn carriage ride and snuggle up under a warm blanket together. Hire a Santa ahead of time and have him stop the carriage halfway through the ride – preferably in a romantic area – and ask for your sweetie’s name and then tell her that he has a little something for them. Have him pull box after box out, each one having a small toy. Finally, after several presents, have him find the real present with an “Oh, here it is.” When he hands the ring box to her, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you.

New Year’s Eve Proposals

A new year, new resolutions, a new life together. What better time to get engaged?
Here are some unique and creative New Year’s Eve marriage proposal ideas.
Do it at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. What better way to start the new year than to have her as your fiancé?

Read each other your New Year’s resolutions and let your last one be to make her your wife.


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