Should You Propose to Him?


So you’ve been dating for quite some time and though it’s a bit untraditional, you’re starting to wonder if you should just bite the bullet and get down on bended knee. You’re not alone! The major trend in engagements this year is ladies proposing to their leading men, but is it the right time for you to pop the question? Or is just about to ask and you just need to be a little more patient? Take the quiz to see if your ready.



    1. How long have you been dating?

More than a year: legit couldn’t be happier
8 months: going strong.
More than three years (oy!)
3 months: but it’s love!

    1. Have you talked about marriage yet?

Once or twice, just in passing, nothing serious.
Only once and only because it was in a movie that we watched together.
Too many times to count! I’ve also sent him pins to engagement rings I like on Pinterest, but he isn’t picking up the hint.
Yes – and we’ve both expressed that we want the same things and could see that future together.

    1. How often do you fight? And how do you handle disagreements as they come up in your relationship?

We had one really bad fight, and we just didn’t speak for a few days and didn’t discuss it. He got really mad, I got jealous and it just wasn’t a shining moment for either of us.
We’re SO in love, we haven’t had a fight yet.
We don’t fight that much, really just small petty things now. And because we know one another so well, we can handle them with a lot more maturity than in the past.
We don’t fight that much – probably the normal amount for a couple that’s been together for as long as we have. And after trial-and-error, we’re finally figuring out how to better communicate.

    1. When it comes to the big things in life: handling money, having children, where you should live and your future career aspirations, how do you handle those discussions as a couple?

We’ve barely scratched the surface on these topics, but from what I can tell, we are on the same page.
We’ve discussed all of these topics several times, and though we might not always see eye-to-eye, we can always find a common ground. He’s even commented on how happy that makes him!
These bases are totally covered. We even have a savings account together for our future home. (I just wish some of that was going toward my ring!)
Oh wow! I haven’t even thought to ask about those things just yet. It’s too early!

    1. Does your family dig your guy?

They love him! In fact, they might like him more than I do!
They haven’t met yet- but I’m trying to talk him into going down for our next big holiday.
I talk to his mom on the phone nearly every week and we go to all family functions together. We act married, even though we aren’t even engaged!
When they were in town a month ago, we all met briefly for brunch. It went smoothly and my parents liked him – but it wasn’t a ton of time to really get to know each other.

    1. When you’ve mentioned that you want to get married – sometime soon – how does he react?

He’s actually brought it up himself occasionally, and even asked about how long I wanted to wait before taking that step.
We’ve only really discussed it once and when we did, he was very open to it, though he did mention that he wasn’t ready to take that step, just yet.
I’ve never mentioned it. I’m waiting for him to bring it up.
He’s so open to it, he just doesn’t really like being put on the spot. It’s something I’ve learned over the years about him, and though I know he loves me, he’s just not the romantic gesture kind of dude.

    1. Have any of your guy’s best friends proposed to their girlfriends?

Half are in relationship, a few are married and a few are single. It’s pretty balanced.
Almost all of his friends are married or engaged!
One or two.
Not that I know of, no.

    1. When it comes to sex, how happy are you?

Pretty satisfied, but the jury is out on if he’s still the best I’ve ever had yet. (shh!)
At this point, we know one another’s bodies so well, we get to a fantastic ending every time.
Very! We have it all the time!
Very happy! He takes time to address my needs and we both have the same sex drive.

    1. In your gut – do you believe he’s the love of your life?

I’ve never been in love, but this feels pretty close.
Absolutely. Bring on the wedding!
I really do – even if it scares me a bit how much I care about him!
I’m not sure, just yet.

    1. Be honest: how do you think he’d respond to being proposed to?

I think he’d royally freak out.
I’m not sure I want to spend my life with him!
At this point, I think he’d be relieved!
I think he wouldn’t mind, but it takes the romance out of it, no?